Our services

Our firm’s primary focus is in assisting with maintenance claims against deceased estates. We provide the following services:

Actuarial reports on behalf of an executor to allow an estate to settle maintenance obligations

Actuarial advice and reports to evaluate claims formulated by other parties

Actuarial reports and support on behalf of a surviving spouse, divorced spouse or minors to claim against a deceased estate for a loss of maintenance.

Expert witness service and actuarial support for matters where a legal dispute arose


How much does it cost to calculate a claim? And when do I have to pay?

The cost is determined by the amount of time it takes to finalise the claim and report. The completeness of the information supplied to us, and the amount of information we need to track down or verify significantly influences the cost.

If you are the executor of the estate and you supply us with the (L&D) Liquidation and Distribution account, we normally will complete and send the report without any prepayment required. You then arrange that our fee is paid from the estate when funds are available.

If you represent a legal practice (lawyer or advocate); or an accounting practice (certified accountant) and the report is requested on behalf of a client, we will allow you to guarantee payment of our account. We will then extend credit and you can arrange for payment as soon as possible after we have delivered our report.

If you do not fall into either of these categories, we recommend that you request the executor of the estate to institute a claim on your behalf. We then deliver our account directly to the estate (via the executor). The executor however does not have a duty to acknowledge your claim and hence could leave you with no alternative as to request the report on your own. In such a case we will require payment for the report before we calculate the claim and finalise the report.

You would then typically furnish us with the required information. We will study the information and provide you with a quote which would represent the minimum required payment. We will provide a quote that is as realistic as possible that will allow you to determine whether you want to proceed with the claim or not. If there are no surprises (and there rarely are) this minimum payment will be the total bill for the report.