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We are an independent actuarial firm. Our firm has been delivering expert advice and actuarial reports to enable estates to settle maintenance obligations. Unlike  other actuarial firms our focus has always been specifically on claims against estates – we are the leading experts in this field in South Africa.

We have been supplying practical solutions for over 35 years to executors, attorneys and spouses who have had to settle or claim maintenance from estates.

These calculations are a practical science. In South Africa claims for minors are not regulated by law, but is rather based on common law principles. 

The Maintenance of Surviving Spouses Act 27 of 1990, regulates claims for surviving spouses, but the Act is low on guidance and detail as to how these claims are to be calculated. Hence professional judgement is paramount in these calculations.

Our experience in this field of providing guidance to more than a thousand deceased estates makes us the premier specialists in South Africa in this field. We are in the ideal position to calculate and motivate a fair claim.

Our reports are highly regarded by the major players in the industry, including many of the masters of the high courts in South Africa.

Our clients represent a broad range of the professional executors and attorneys in South Africa, as well as individual clients who require assistance in formulating their claims. 

We believe our success is about so much more than simply helping providing actuarial advice and reports. It’s about building genuine relationships, based on trust and personal support.


Your partners

We have a reputation for providing friendly, high quality and trusted expertise to our clients. Our clients are important to us, so we are passionate about delivering the best possible service at all times. We strive to excel in the way we engage with our clients and apply lateral thinking to solving problems.

We do not charge a fee for receiving and reviewing information related to claims and provide our view on whether a claim is likely to be successful to all prospective clients without charge. We typically only charge a fee when we deliver an actuarial report or have to perform significant investigations.


Everyone here at Scheffler Actuarial are experts in our field. We are reliable, knowledgeable and have experience in dealing with typical, as well as unusual claims.


Walter Scheffler

B.Sc (Honns) FIA FASSA FinstD
Founding member and expert in the field of actuarial work related to maintenance claims against estates in South Africa. Walter is retired, but his expertise and guidance is still available to the firm. He has also provided guidance and input to the Actuarial profession in South Africa and is considered one the leading experts in this field by the profession.

Theo Scheffler

CEO and expert in the field of actuarial work related to maintenance claims against estates in South Africa. Theo has worked in association with Walter for more than 20 years and run the business and attend to client engagements. He is also available as an expert witness to testify where litigation takes place.